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Project Lessons Learned

Services Provided:  IT Management Effectiveness - Project Lessons Learned


Client Description:  One of the world's largest food processors turned to Omega Point for help in assessing the lessons learned from a major project that resulted in significant cost and time overruns and negative operational impacts on the business.  The company wished to incorporate the lessons to improve their methodologies for future projects. 


Project Description:  Omega Point provided a senior facilitator, who worked closely with an internal team to:

  • Structure the project lessons learned effort
  • Facilitate a variety of work sessions with business and IT leaders and staff to draw out what worked well and what didn't work well
  • Analyze the root causes of project issues
  • Document the project lessons learned in a presentation for senior management
  • Create a plan to incorporate the lessons learned into improvements to business and IT project management methods for the future

Results:  The company was able to understand where things had gone awry on the project, and improve their conditions for success for the future, by incorporating the lessons in their core project methodologies.  Just as important, business and IT leaders gained a common understanding of where and how they should work differently together to help ensure future success.