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What Our Clients Say

“The best consulting dollars I have ever spent… the process was perfect for our organization and the transformation we made with Omega Point’s help is already paying big dividends.”  Chief Information Officer, Financial Services

“Omega Point is absolutely the best at getting an organization to understand itself… to know its strengths and leverage them… to understand its weaknesses and build strategies to mitigate them. One of the best consulting engagements I’ve ever experienced.”  Vice President, Enterprise Program Management Office, Healthcare


“Wow! What great work!  Thanks for moving our team ahead with such grace and knowledge... and a lot of patience.”  Vice President, Global Organization Development, Retail


"The mark of a successful work session is the level of engagement by the members.  All members of the work sessions you facilitate have much to share and out of those sessions come many insights."  Project Manager, Learning & Development, Retail


“A great sounding board for both our ideas and frustrations in moving the organization forward—always willing to challenge us.  You emphasized our ability to sustain changes after you were gone and helped us prepare for that."  Chief Information Officer, Financial Services

“Top grades for coaching. Your ability to have individuals find their own path but to guide them is a wonderful asset.”   Vice President, Customer Service Organization


“How truly skilled you are and how rare to find such talent."  Director, General Accounting, Retail


"The Omega Point team are great facilitators and consultants.  Their service offerings and working style are uniquely flexible and able to meet the demands of an often changing customer environment.  They personally helped me execute one of the largest (if not the largest) IT transformation projects in our company's history. I can strongly recommend them!"  IT Transformation Program Manager, Healthcare


"Omega Point always brings a great deal of industry expertise and applies it with a practical approach.  They are wonderful at working challenges and opportunities, especially when great change management skills are required.  I would highly recommend Omega Point."  Vice President, Healthcare


"Many claim to know business change management, but Omega Point is the real deal.  In addition to strong business acumen, they also possess high integrity and foster superb relationship skills with the client.  They break down barriers and remove obstacles that often thwart project progress."  Project Manager, Retail