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Change Leader/Agent Coaching

To be successful, major change initiatives require skilled change leaders and change agents.  These individuals often need a sounding board as they face roles they may not have played in the past. 


We serve as coaches to change leaders and change agents at all levels in the organization—from the executive change sponsor to the day-to-day change agents who facilitate the detailed activities.

  • We introduce change leaders to key concepts of managing the dynamics of change
  • We equip them with tools and techniques to organize, plan, and lead the change effort
  • We are available to discuss and provide advice on specific situations they encounter

This one-on-one work can make or break the effectiveness of a change implementation and the smoothness of the business transition.  And the change leader or agent walks away better equipped to handle future change efforts.  


Call us today to learn how we can help build change leader capability in your organization.