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Leading Change Workshop

Leading Change: Practical Skills & Tools for Success

A 2-day workshop to equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to be an effective change leader


Research consistently reveals high failure rates for projects, especially those involving business process change or information technology.  At the heart of every project is a change initiative, often a transformational one.  Yet most are delivered with little attention to change leadership.


Too often you, as a business or IT leader¾ business executive, CIO, or middle manager¾are just expected to know how to lead a change.  Though you understand well what it takes to lead people in an operational setting, leading a group through significant change requires a different skill set.


Whether it be an ERP implementation across the business or an IT offshore outsourcing, these changes require knowledge in minimizing disruption through effective change management.  Whether your role is as change catalyst, change agent, or change leader, that role is front and center about change.


Through this highly engaging workshop, you will equip yourself with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to be an effective change leader.  You will come away understanding what is involved in effectively leading change initiatives in your organization, develop a positive approach to resistance, and recognize how your leadership behaviors can move all stakeholders in the desired direction. 


Grow your change leadership capabilities!  Contact us for more details on this workshop.